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Masazas akmenu“Pušynas” guarantees its guests the very best rest: nature, quiet lingering around, clean and fresh air helps to forget problems, and the  guests are invited to enjoy the SPA pleasures and procedures in the SPA wellness center in Druskininkai, as well as to use the relaxation, recreation and therapy programs.

Hotel “Pušynas” SPA center offer: Dead Sea Water and Mud Therapy, Facial Treatments, Depilation, Paraffin Baths, Body Treatments, SPA Massages, Turkish Bath, Mineral Water Whirlpool Bath, Sunbed.

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Unique Dead Sea water and mud Therapy

withered-bush-in-the-dead-seaHotel “Pušynas” SPA center in Druskininkai, located in the hotel “Pušynas”, was only in the resort that suggested their guests real Dead Sea water and mud Therapy. This healing water and mud delivered from Israel.

A unique therapy of Dead Sea water and mud bath, during which the body receives all the necessary minerals, relaxes muscles, calms the nerve system, and accelerates the metabolism of cells. The Dead Sea – is the only place in the world where the quantity of minerals is sufficient enough to have a real impact on the human body.
Pusynas15Saturated with salt, magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine and iodine, the water helps to treat psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, and saves from skin rashes. Dead Sea water and mud bath therapy helps for those who are suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, with serious injuries, having chronic bronchitis, sinusitis, and bronchial asthma. Unique sea water has relieving inflammation and antiseptic properties; it also protects against cold and other infections, as well as reduces pain.

The Dead Sea mud therapy is not less useful than the Dead Sea water procedures. The mud of the unique sea in world is rich in microelements and minerals. It contains quartz, mica, kaolin, magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromine, copper, zinc salts, etc.
Purvo proceduraThe Dead Sea mud therapy improves metabolism and tones the skin, strengthens its connective tissue, improves skin elasticity. It is worth remembering that the Dead Sea mud is not only the tool returning a great skin, helping to get rid of cellulite, and excess weight, but also a natural, nature’s medicine. Mud is used in the treatment of skin, motional system, nerve system, digestive system, pelvic, and respiratory diseases.

Those who want to improve their health and treat diseases with the help of Dead Sea water baths and mud procedures do not need to do anything: just get into the water, relax and trust the professional hands of specialists’, working in the SPA Druskininkai.

Steam bath and Whirlpool bath complex

If you chose a vacation in Druskininkai, do not forget to have pleasure in the steam bath and whirlpool bath complex in the SPA center of the hotel “Pušynas”.

garine-pirtisA steam bath is popular since ancient antiquity. The ancient Greeks and Romans knew about the healing properties of steam and used to hurry to relax and spend time with friends in a bath. Turkish steam bath is popular for centuries. The visitors of SPA center in the hotel “Pušynas” are offered to take advantage of this excellent tool for health.

If you like bath, but hardly stand hot sauna, steam bath is the best choice for you. Bath temperature reaches 43-46 degrees of Celsius, and humidity is 100 percent. Such proportion of heat and humidity stimulates relaxation and causes a burst of energy after the bath.

A steam bath is also considered as an excellent remedy for skin health: humidity stimulates blood flow, so the skin is cleaned intensively, pores are opened, dead skin cells and dirt are removed. After steam bath the skin becomes soft, clean, gentle and as smooth as silk.

Those who have bronchial asthma, respiratory diseases, rheumatism, are suffering from mild pain of joints, or having sleep and metabolic disorders, are also suggested to visit steam baths.

Steam bath and Jacuzzi complex in Druskininkai proposes to enjoy Jacuzzi and whirlpool baths. Underwater currents of different strength and intensity actively stimulate various muscles of the body, while appropriate water temperature and spray help to relax and calm down.

Jacuzzi is the best remedy for physical tiredness, stress, and moreover, it helps for those who are suffering from muscle strain and injuries.

The complex can be ordered individually, price for 1 hour – 29 €. Steam bath and whirlpool bath complex can attend up to 8 people at the same time.

If agreed in advance, the visitors of the steam bath and whirlpool bath complex will be provided with small snacks and beverages.

Hydradermie in the hotel “Pušynas”

Not happy about your tired and dull facial skin, wrinkles, bags and black circles under the eyes? Perhaps your facial skin is flabby and lost its’ elasticity?

Say goodbye to these concerns after hydradermie treatments in the SPA center of the hotel “Pušynas” in Druskininkai. Those who already tired hydradermie were happy to see clear results even after the first procedure.

Specialists of the SPA center in the hotel “Pušynas” will help you to choose the most appropriate procedure, which post-results will surprise you. You will be able to pick from wetting, “straining”, firming and toning, and aromatic hydradermie procedures. After the hidrodermie your skin will be smoother, fresher, firmer, and shining.

Under the SPA visitor’s needs, experienced professionals will select one of the following procedures: oily skin, dry or sensitive skin, anti-wrinkle, skin lightening, eyes and neck care procedures. Active components and soft ionization specially selected for a visitor will help to calm, deep clean and moisturize the skin.

Ionization, performed with specific, gentle electrodes used during hydratermie procedures make the skin more receptive to active ingredients – the skin fully absorbs and takes them after the treatment. Low electric current used in hydratermie, stimulates the circulation of the active substances in cells, promotes their regeneration, and improves cellular oxygen saturation. A special gel ensures the effectiveness of hydratermie.

Finally, a massage completes the procedure of hydratermie. Light presses and skin smoothing movements help to relax completely, and it also stimulates skin cell activity, and returns the skin’s natural, healthy glow. Moreover, after the procedure of hidratermie, skin flabbiness and tiredness often caused by stress, and sudden weight loss, disappears. Hydratermie restores skin elasticity, removes toxins accumulated in the skin, and stimulates facial muscles, so after the procedure skin looks younger and firmer. This treatment – is the beauty secret of all the stars.

Want to recover a healthy skin glow and beauty? Choose hydratermie procedure in the SPA center of the hotel “Pušynas”!

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